Sunday, February 15, 2009

VDay: Don't you just love a binge!

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You know, objectively speaking, I'm not sure whether these Ram Sena blokes do not actually have a valid point.

Valentine's Day and all the hoopla that goes with it is a tad tiring if I might say.

The Karnataka police of course have no sense of fun, throwing Muthalik behind bars on February 13, effectively ruining his V-Day celebrations.

But not a fat chance for the several odd couples who were literally given armed escorts to walk hand-in-hand into over priced cafes and pubs and blow their parents' hard earned cash on poofy schmoofies in dimly-lit rooms.

If you think about it, the ram sena came out the winner in this entire idiotic controversy. It was a wannabe hardline Hindu group struggling for recognition by slapping around the occasional couples on streets a few years back.

And now it is a household name all over the country. For aspiring hardliners, and there are many, its leader is something of a hero.

His preventive custody on V-Day will be compared to "self sacrifice by a martyr in the face of torture (read being forced to wear great fluffy pink underwear in public)".

We are a nation whose overworked security personnel shoot themselves on being denied leave. We are hard pressed for additional personnel strength. Yet we are forced to deploy them nationwide on Feb 14 so lovers can safely go on binges in pubs.

Why is there such an ambiguity on the intention of the Ram Sena? They are no moral vigilantes. They are just a bunch of molesters who try to hide their misdirected fanaticism under a self-righteous front of "upholding Indian's culture and safeguarding our women."

So treat them like you would any molesters.

I find the anti-moral policing groups who have risen to the occasion marvelously in ferrying lovers to and fro from pubs, clubs and cafes and raising slogans at Jantar Mantar and patrolling the streets for would be trouble makers a tad amusing.

I have always found that the best way of squashing dissent is by ignoring those who are seeking attention by raising ruckus.

Quietly arrest them, charge them, deny them bail and move on as if nothing happened. Let your front page news still be recession and Indo-Pak talks and cricket. The ones on the road who hope to milk the issue to death will be warned.

But we, with our inherent love of the dramatic, reacted exactly the way they wanted us to.

By sending pink underwear, raising it in the media, leading processions, commenting on social network sites and looking over the shoulders before depositing a quick defiant peck on the lips of our lovers.

So who's laughing now?

Getting back to the topic, if you leave out the ideological part of it, yes, V-Day is a pain in a place where the sun don't shine.

Is it just me or are today's giggling bunches of adolescents identical down to their noodle straps and low waist jeans and alien jargon of "ssup lova?" The hotels are packed with them and at every place it's the same question "Do you have reservation? Sorry we are booked today for Valentine's Day celebrations."

The traffic is a mean killer and I won't even go into the idiotic confetti that rains down on your nose every time you look up at lobbies.

I love capitalism, but even then I might add, in just few hours yesterday, crores of rupees better spent on development went into online bookings for flowers and gifts, dinners and drinks and car fuels.

Is Valentine's Day that big a deal or do we just love a binge?

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Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

I think you got it all wrong this time girl. "Quietly arrest them, charge them, deny them bail and move on as if nothing happened" is all fine, but would that really happen in India? Do you really think that it's really that easy to get a party cadre arrested? Did you forget the original incident? How many of them got arrested, no one knows what happened to them, whether they served their sentence or were left scott-free. And all these happened because we let our newspaper "front page news still be recession and Indo-Pak talks and cricket". I am not saying that those things are not important, but they are not the only important things in life. We need to know what happens to the criminals after they come out of the court, because in India, law and order has a long way to go before it can really make the public feel safe and secure.

Moreover, V-Day is just a symbolism. This can happen on any day of our lives. If this is not stopped today, next they might start poking their noses inside my house to know whether I am behaving like a good Ram-sena like Hindu or not! I am sure you must have heard about some people attacking the Chaplin statue.

What Ram sena did was disgusting to say the least, and they got eggs on their face. It gives me sort of a queer pleasure even to think about it :)

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