Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things Not To Say To Your Shrink When He Thinks You're Cured

1. All of us here think you did a great job, don't we Tanya, Natasha, Roan?
2. I will go now. They are coming for me.
3. Why don't you come home sometime? My wife will love it. She gets lonely in her attic.
4. Mmmmm...zzzzz....what? hummmmm...zzzzzzz...yes, you were saying? This buzzing is really annoying.
5. What buzzing?
6. That's what I said. What zzzz....buzzing....zzzzz?
7. Tha' medicine was really GRRREAT. Except after the 8th spoon, really.
8. So you think you have cured me. I have cured you. I could cure you.
9. Really? I can go home now? Great! The zoo was getting a bit crowded really. I barely had tail space.
10. Grrrr....rrrr...woof!



greatbong said...

I see dead people.

Cerebrations said...

Cute! :)

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