Thursday, January 1, 2009

The many failings, a new start

Excuse the loose emotions in this post. 

Whatever I write under the influence of apple vodka cannot be used against me in any court of law. 

I have survived another year and escaped with minor injuries, so a vodka will kill me now?

In retrospect it has been a great year and a terrible 365 days of hope struggling against despair. 

Work place was fun, working long hours tiring, but it was also sheer drudgery some days and exhilaration on others.

Personally and spiritually I have known inner turmoil, found friendship and betrayal and struggled to adjust to new roles and responsibilities. 

On mornings I have woken up with a raging headache and gone on to work or shopped like a maniac and crashed at midnight when the chariot turned back into the pumpkin.
I have done
the trivial bitching and bad-mouthing and then on sudden impulse some random act of kindness. I have put on eight kilos this year and vowed to shed 20. Again. 

The goofy moments were there when I have walked into men's washroom drunk shitless or sent a Valentine's day card to a colleague (passionately asking him to be my Valentine) accidentally on Facebook and hid under the desk all day long after. 

I have wandered off beside the Kosi Kalan river and stayed awake listening to crickets in Jim Corbett park. I saw snow for the first time in my li
fe at Rohtang (and ate some of it too!!!)  

The year brought me new friends even as I lost loved ones to silly quarrels. 

I have matured some and held onto a childish streak stubbornly. But in the end as I sort out my tax filings and throw out stuff from last year which I would not even care to read ever again, I am wondering what made this year so different.

May be a scrap of paper I found at the bottom of my work drawer, dated Jan 2008, that said "Don't fret that it's over, may 2008 be all that u wanted and then some. 

I have moved back to my hometown and I need to see what roots are all about. Lose that 20 kgs you have been promising yourself :). 

And if we don't meet ever we would still move on curiously to find out what life holds for each one of us. yours in weakness and strength."  



Anonymous said...

u shifted base to Cal??? kab??

Hatikvah said...

You have a way of ending each of your posts that makes it linger on in the reader's mind...

swats.... said...

seems we r sailing in the similar boats...

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