Friday, November 7, 2008

Election, politics and good looks - lethal combination?

At least no one can accuse US President-elect Barack Obama of leading an ugly team.

His Chief of Staff is a hunk of a man called Rahm Emanuel, possessing demonic good looks.
And Obama himself is not hard to look at - combining a cutting charm and classy suaveness comparable only to the Kennedys.

Yes, this time the US elections were unique for the sheer volume of brawn it combined.

Take Hillary Clinton for example. An initial favourite front-runner with the backing and funding of key politicians and the corporate to see her through vote 2008, or so people thought.

Her shortly-cropped straight blond hair and business suit spoke of style and efficiency.

Tipped to be the first woman President in the history of the US of A, Hillary, along with her husband and former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea formed a pretty picture.
Almost a sensory overload of beauty if you ask me.

On the other hand, I have no doubts that Michelle Obama as the first black First Lady in the White House would hold her own. With her couture consciousness and affordable designer wear she is quite (if I may borrow the term) "cool".

I have always wondered why in the US the divorced, convicted or single people are not encouraged to run for President. Following this election closely I now know why.

You might start a torrid affair once you climb the WH walls, but till you are there you have to present to voters the picture of a perfect, cloyingly sweet family. Better even if you're wife is a stunner.

On the Republican side they had their Weapon of Mass Destruction Sarah Palin - a former beauty queen and a stunner even at her age. They needed her, badly, if they were to balance John McCain's grounded grizzly bear looks
on the poll plank.

So many months of watching these beautiful people campaigning in designer clothes, flashing dazzling smiles, waving manicured hands, I was wistful about elections back home.

Lets see what we have.

The average age of our candidates is 55 plus. Most walk with a limp and suffer from arthritis when the weather is damp or on a full moon.
Some have applied to their jail wardens to let them out on parole for campaigning and some cannot read their own posters - having dropped out of school.

It depresses me to see myopic eyes behind heavy glasses, white moustache, white dhotis and pan stained teeth. At least we have our khandaan ka chiraag Rahul baba - the saving grace with his boyish good looks.
A special mention also of Omar Abdullah and his brother-in-law Sachin Pilot - two men with easy grace and clean cut features.
At least we can boast we have the world's best political brains on our side. They are not much to look at, but over 30 years in the dark alleys of Indian politics have given them an uncanny knack of spotting the people's pulse.
But still I envy the Americans for their good looking leaders.


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