Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Will it not stop raining?

Domestice helps take this sadistic pleasure in waking you up when you want to shut out world till 11 am on an offday and snore away.
Why should my maid be an exception? The bell rang 5 times before I stumbled to the door with the customary "whadduyouwant?"
With a grin as bright as the sun she declares "saare chhay baj gaya, abhi bhi so rahe ho?" (its six-thirty, you are still sleeping?) Is it a cognisable offence in India if one kills her maid for coming at 6:30 AM to work?
I am atleast 20 kilo heavier than her, with the temper of a hungry grizzly bear and towering over her 5'1'' and she coolly brushed me aside to enter my home.
So thats how my day started. I watched BJD last night and fell asleep when she went to the theme party on a Sunday afternoon dressed in a bunny outfit, only to find out that the 'tarts and the vicar' concept was cancelled and everyone else were dressed in their Sunday bests.
If the rain lets up I will go to Sarojini market. Shopping always lifts my mood.


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