Friday, May 23, 2008

Narnia rocks!

Hello to all suckers of fantasy films.

I believe in elves and goblins and in my opinion centaurs need to have the same rights as us mud-bloods.
So I checked out Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian last night with a friend. We had the evening to kill and a movie to catch up on.
To my amazement I found that fantasy/make believe/comic films are apparently the only choice that we have currently. Iron Man, Bhootnath, Cof N:PC, and er.... Jodha Akbar. Which again falls under the above category of fantasy/comic in my opinion.
So, back to Narnia, Aslan the lion seems to have grown bigger this year. And Prince Caspian is one of those geeky post-adolescent men who form the pack at boarding schools. He frankly had no clue why he's supposed to be special and the centaurs, despite living in such a breathtaking country and bang next to crystal clear watering holes, badly need a wash.
But I have to give it the firangs. Whatever they do, its on a grand scale. Overall I'm glad that we watched this film, as all the harry potter ones. God! I'm such a sucker for the make-believe!

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